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Glossary | South Cape Coins



A mixture of two or more metals

A coin that has a date, mint mark, or other feature that has been changed, added, or removed, usually to simulate a rarer issue.

Altered Surfaces
A designation given to coins which cannot be certified due to any number of alterations to its surfaces after it left the mint. Such alterations include cleaning, tooling and artificial toning.

Anvil Die
The die upon which a planchet rests prior to striking.

ANA / American Numismatic Association
A non-profit numismatic organization founded in 1888 for the advancement of numismatics.

General term for coins of the world struck circa 600 B.C. to circa 450 A.D.

A test undertaken to find the metallic content of a coin.

AT / Artificial Toning
Patina applied to the surface of a coin, either by chemical or physical means, for the purpose of hiding hairlines and other flaws or to resemble the natural oxidation process that can increase a coin’s desirability.

The elements that make up a coin’s grade. EG: marks, luster, strike, and eye appeal.

The process of determining the genuineness of a coin or other numismatic item.



Did you know?

Did you know

The 1898 Single "9" is the most important African coin. Sold by South Cape Coins

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Understanding "No Grade"

Understanding No Grade

Don't get caught out!
A guide to the states of condition that can cause a coin to be rejected for NGC certification.

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